Pig Moon Handkerchief 7

350,000 VND

🌷 Unique gift 

🌙 The story “Golden Buffalo and The Boy – Miracles of the Moonlight” talks about the miraculous transformation and maturation journey of Golden Buffalo and the Boy. Miracles of the Moonlight reflects the qualities of knowledge and high virtues of the Vietnamese people. This story showcases familiar and unique images of the traditional Vietnamese  Villages.

 Through this story, artists at B/S Art Studio aims to ignite the rustic, genuine, kind, and loving heart within each person. The image of the boy represents “a dream, a model” and like Golden Buffalo, each one of us individuals will want to change and learn to achieve our dreams. The “Moonlight” is the knowledge, experience, and skillset to help us build ourselves into a more complete person.

If you are looking for a gift, B / S Art Studio believes that handkerchiefs with unique designs will make you satisfied.

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The collection of handkerchiefs with the image of “Golden Buffalo-Pig Moon”, will bring joy and smile to anyone who receives this gift.

Handkerchief is not only a normal daily item but also an artwork.

Material: Linen
Color: Acrylic
Size: 30 cm x 30 cm