“Craftswoman Making Kite”

21,000,000 VND

✨ Flute Kites: A way Vietnamese Craftswoman create a symphony in the sky.
B/S Art Studio Artist was inspired by Bo Lao, the third child of the Dragon, who likes loud sounds to describe the sound beauty and special features only found in Vietnamese Flute Kite.

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🎨 The artwork "Craftswoman making Kite”

Kite flying is a popular childhood game for many Vietnamese people in countryside.

Especially, Flute Kite includes two parts, a kite and a flute, which is made of bamboo and jackfruit wood. The making of Kite Flutes is not only time-consuming but it also requires a lot of technique and patience from the craftsmen, who must have a certain knowledge for the physics, aerodynamics, sound absorption, and have an understanding music theory. The flutes are made from old bamboo, which can help to produce profound and deep tones like an orchestra.

Material: Paper

Color: Pencil

Size: 30 cm x 21 cm

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