The studio

A place where Vietnamese art and cultural traditions are combined with the contemporary to form artworks that breathes life and unity for the community.

3rd floor, 106 Lê Lợi Street,

Bến Thành Ward, District 1
Hồ Chí Minh 70000

+84 865 436 281 (VN / EN)
+84 988 080 837 (VN / JP)

Creation with Vietnamese Cultural Identity

Located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City near the Bến Thành Market, the B/S Art Studio is open for visitors everyday from 9am to 8pm.

You can visit freely enjoy and purchase artworks or have a drink . The B/S team will gladly show you around, tell you about the meaning/story of each work and answer your questions.

If you want a deeper visit, you can schedule an experience/workshop learn about the Vietnamese culture and enjoy live music performances.


An exhibit space with traditional artworks showcasing the image of Vietnam culture through unique patterns and designs: Đông Hồ design, Royal Hue Palace patterns, images of the Lotus flower, Ao Dai, Conical hats and Vietnamese rural villages.




Bookshelves that document information on the history, culture, and art of Vietnam and countries of the world. This is the place where our artist find a source of inspiration, study the humanitarian philosophies, and ideas carrying the global value.





An area where the hospitality of Vietnamese people are showcased through traditional tea , coffee, cookie to welcome guests and friends from around the world.





With the Bamboo Flute (Vietnamese traditional musical instrument) combined with the Piano (modern musical instrument), Bam Bi remixed Vietnamese songs with new gentle, melodious and profound melodies, to introduce the inner soul and the beauty of the soul of Vietnamese people.