The Story About Vietnamese Conical Hat (Non La)

Jun 4, 2020

I. A brief overview of Conical Hat (Non La):

1.The origin of Non La:

– Non-La has been around for a long time, about 2500-3000 BC, a symbol of the Non La was carved on Vietnam’s national treasures such as Ngoc Lu bronze drum, Dong Son bronze drum, Dao Thinh bronze jar, …

“The story goes that once upon a time, during a torrential downpour of rain that lasted weeks, flooding lands and homes and causing unfavorable disturbances to the rural life, a graceful goddess descended from the sky. She was wearing on her head a giant hat made of four large leaves stitched together by bamboo sticks. This hat was so large that it guarded the people against all the rain, and she was able to dispel the clouds and rain, allowing the people to return back to a normal life. The goddess even taught the people how to grow crops among many other things, and one day during one of her educational stories, mankind fell asleep listening to her soothing voice. When they woke up, the goddess was gone.”

– To honor her, a temple was built, and not only that, but everyone followed suit and took her lessons to heart. People went into the forests to find leaves similar to the ones that the goddess had on her head, which they then stitched together on a bamboo frame. This then became an indispensable item, a daily essential for the farmers on the paddy fields.

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2. Non La becomes a cultural symbol of Vietnam

– Over time, Non La became associated with the life of Vietnamese people and crept into folk songs, poems, and words. The image of the charming Vietnamese girls in Ao Dai and Non-La have become a typical beauty, including in poetry and daily life.

– Today, Non La is no longer an item used only to cover rain and sun but it has become a symbol of national culture. Non La is not only a symbol of the tenderness and simplicity of Vietnamese women but also the soul and quintessence of the beauty of a thousand years of civilization.

II. Non La of B/S Art Studio:

– Inheriting, creating, innovating but preserving the traditional cultural beauties is what B / S Art Studio is doing with Vietnamese Conical Hat.

– By painting the delicate patterns on the pure white leaves of the Conical Hats, B/S Art Studio wants the simple hats to become a colorful work art, a decorative product with sentimental value.

  1. Creative on Conical Hat with pattern:

Non La’s patterns of B/S Art Studio have three main themes: natural motifs, Hue royal motifs and Dong Ho painting style. These are patterns imbue with the Vietnamese culture.

Non La with natural motifs: Natural motifs often vary in colors, lines as well as flowers. The collection “Fragrance of Flowers” is created based on 12 famous flower names representing the fine qualities of Vietnamese people such as Rose, Margarite, Pensee, Puppy,..

– Non La with Hue royal motifs: The collection “Hue Royal Motif” is drawn with winding lines on the classic color backgrounds such as gold, fawn, red,… This collection is inspired by the architectural designs of Hue Citadel, which absorbed and inherited traditional architecture from the Ly, Tran, Le and Nguyen dynasties. The collection clearly shows the life and spirituality of the ancient Vietnamese.

– Non La with Dong Ho style: B/S Art Studio also preserves Dong Ho folk painting by drawing Dong Ho style on Non-La. This is the most innovative collection combining a traditional folk art with a contemporary breathing art Doodle Art (a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied). This combination creates a new look for visitors, and arouse the love of Vietnamese young people for traditional Vietnamese culture. This is also the most favorite topic in the collection of B/S Art Studio.

2. Material from Hue “Non La Ke”

The Hue conical craftsman have a long and rich indigenous knowledge in order to correctly identify the material area and leaf age (the main material for making Conical Hats), not too young or too old. Thanks to the carefully selected leaves, and through 9 skillful hat making stages of the craftsman, Non La Ke are pure white color, smooth and brighten the face in the sunshine.

In Vietnam, there are many craft villages. But different localities will choose different materials to make Conical Hat (depending on the geography and customs of each place). And B/S Art Studio chose Non La Ke of Hue, because this is the best one for the colors and patterns to be expressed in the best way.

3. The outstanding features of B/S Art Studio’s Non La:

Material: Hue’s Non La Ke have bright colors, soft leaves, carefully selected.

Size: Specially sized for “Drawing Dong Ho on Conical Hats” Experience (easy to wear and carry), this experience is one of the most popular activities about Non La by B/S Art Studio.

Color: B/S Art Studio uses acrylic with high adhesion, and Non La is covered with a protective layer, preserving the painting on it for a long time.

Pattern: diverse patterns and imbuing with the characteristics of Vietnamese culture.

All of these special elements combine to form a unique style for Non La by B/S Art Studio. Making an impression on Non La is also creating a highlight for Vietnamese culture on the world cultural map.