The kit “Creative with Dong Ho Art on wood”

400,000 VND

+ Are you looking for a cute decoration to refresh your workspace?
+ Are you looking for an intelligent learning tool that evokes your kids’ artistic abilities and creativity?
+ Do you want to spend a relaxing weekend with your children, play while studying, and limit time on using electronic devices?
+ You love traditional art and want to create your own work of art?
✨ The kit “CREATIVE WITH DONG HO ART” not only lets you learn about Vietnam’s long-standing traditional folk arts, but also gives you a great time to explore the possibilities of themselves and develop thinking and artistic abilities for children.

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The kit  "Creative with Dong Ho Art" includes:
1.  An introduction book on Dong Ho Art with introductions on how to draw Dong Ho patterns and color pictures.
2. A piece of wood is pre-carved with a Pig and you can draw more patterns on it.
3. Coloring set with 06 basic colors and a brush.
4. Acrylic pen to complete the work.
5. Painting shelf for decorative wood when the work is completed.