Wall Art Print “Ms. Dậu travels to France”

600,000 VND

“Ms. Dau – The Beauty of Young Women in Traditional Costumes Around the World.

“Ms. Dau” – the image representing women who always sacrifice silently, devoting all their time and effort to take care of their family.

Through this series, B/S Art Studio aim to convey the following messages and meanings:

  1. To honor the beauty of women in traditional costumes.
  2. To respect the cultural diversity of countries worldwide.
  3. To promote common values of friendship and peace among nations.
  4. To encourage the exploration and discovery of other cultures through depictions of traditional costumes


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Wall Art Print “Ms. Dậu travels to France”

With cheerful colors and unique character designs, it will be a meaningful and unique gift for you to choose for your relatives and friends.
Unique decorative printing artwork. Vietnamese Cultural Gifts.

Material: High quality printing on Art Paper
- Size without frame: 30cm x 42cm
- Size with frame: 23cm x 45cm
Picture frame: industrial wood frame + mica

- Price: 600.000 vnd without frame.

- Price: 950.000 vnd with frame.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 2 cm