Art Print “Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern” – Detailed Patterns Art Style

500,000 VND

This is a unique artwork from B/S Art Studio Vietnam’s artist

– Material: High quality printed on Art Paper

– Size without frame: 12″ x 16″ (30cm x 42cm)

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Art Print "Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern" - Detailed Patterns Art Style Collection

The artworks use the image of a skillful and delicate Vietnamese woman in traditional costume such as Ao Dai, Nhat Binh combined with Vietnamese patterns which represent traditional handicraft professions in Vietnam. Through the Craftswoman artworks, B/S Art Studio hopes to introduce the “timeless values” which is the knowledge and techniques will be preserved and developed.

This will be the bond between past and future making us to understand more about the past and also become a base for people to be better and head to the future.

This collection is drawn in a new style, combining the Vietnam traditional art style with modern style, the details in painting which shows how clever and skillful the craftswoman is.

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, under the gentle glow of the moon, along with the shimmering candlelight radiating from the colorful artistic lanterns, a lively atmosphere envelops the children.

🏮 The enchanting and mystical light of the candle has etched deep  the minds of countless generations of young ones, giving rise to various emotions and dreams.

✨ With the skillful hands of lantern artisans, the natural world, images of myriad objects, and all kinds of creatures become magical and vivid.

Perfect for home decor, transform any reading room or living room, making it more impressive and adding a highlight.

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