250,000 VND

Pig Moon – the main character in the story “Golden Buffalo and the Boy – The Magic of the Moon Light”. The story is about the miraculous changes of the Golden Buffalo and the growing journey of Golden Buffalo and the Boy. There are many familiar countryside images of Vietnam with hidden meanings in the story.

With the mission of spreading love, sympathy, tolerance and sharing, Pig Moon has transformed into the Golden Buffalo Plushie to become a  childhood friend accompanying with kids in their growing up journey to achieve their dream.

300 in stock

Pig Moon Plushie

Size: 26cm
Weight: 200grams
Material: stretchy velboa fabric with 100% polyester cotton 
Pig Moon color: Cream
Conical hat material: Hard felt fabric
Conical hat color: Green

“Non la” - A cultural symbol of Vietnam with the image of "Dong Ho pig" is created in new style of B/S Art Studio.

“Crescent Moon” - A metaphor image of knowledge, experiences and skills which help Pig Moon to develop and become more mature to follow and achieve his dream.

“Yin and Yang Twist” - Inspired by "Yin and Yang Twist", which is the typical symbol of Dong Ho paintings -  a traditional Vietnamese folk painting, means the balance and harmony of all things.