16,000,000 VND

❤️‍🩹 Artwork “Healing”

This artwork depicts Drama Piggy and Pig Moon – Golden Buffalo.

🍄 Drama Piggy used to be a happy and joyful little pig. One day, while passing through a forest of poisonous mushrooms, Drama Piggy was infected by the parasitic mushroom spores and turned into a rude and mean piggy.

❤️ Drama Piggy came to seek Pig Moon’s help, hoping that Pig Moon could heal and help him become better and happy as before.

🌙 Do you know who Pig Moon – Golden Buffalo is⁉️
Pig Moon is the main character in the story “Golden Buffalo and the Boy – The Magic of the Moonlight,” was drawn by the artist B/S Art Studio with the beautiful characteristics of Vietnamese people: caring, empathetic, sharing, and full of love for everyone.

💖 Through this artwork, B/S Art Studio wishes to share the message that poisonous mushrooms symbolize the negative things that constantly surround us in life, making us feel hopeless.
However, around us, there are loved ones who are ready to share, empathize, and love. Therefore, every day, let’s nurture our souls with positive things, and at the same time, share happiness and spread love to others.

✨ Especially, let’s cherish the little things in life. 🥰