Book “Golden Buffalo and The Boy – The Magic of the Moonlight”

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The story tells about the magical transformation and grow up journey of Golden Buffalo and the Boy. This story introduce familiar images of Vietnamese countryside.
Through this story, the author aims to ignite the rustic, genuine, kind and loving heart within each person.
“Little Pig” represents ourselves;
“The Boy” represents our Dreams and our goals;
“The Crescent Moon” represents Knowledge.To make our dreams come true and achieve goals, we need to learn more, improve our skills and to have more experiences. This Crescent Moon never become a full moon because knowledge is endless.


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The children book: "Golden Buffalo and The oy – The Magic of the Moonlight”

- Author: Vo Hoang Phuong Uyen (Bam Bi)

- Number of pages: 64 pages

- Size: 20cm x 15cm

- Publishing language: Vietnamese + English