Flute Kite Craftwoman

30,000,000 VND

The Kites fluttering above the immense field is not only the typical image of home village but it is also a folk game that has long history and carries many Vietnamese cultural meanings.

Especially, Vietnam Flute Kite has become the most unique artworks with the combination of vivid images along and rustic sound of the flute.

With the passion, patience, diligence and meticulousness in every stage along with creativity, the Flute Kite artisans have brought Vietnam’s Kites flying high with resounding melody echoing in the sky along with other cultures in the International Kite competition in many countries.

B/S Art Studio’s artist takes the inspiration from Bo Lao who is the third child of the Dragon, a scared creature loves echo sound to describe the beauty of syllable and this is the most special feature only has in Vietnam’s Flute Kite.

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