“CAT – Good Fortune” The Printing Artwork

490,000 VND

Dong ho is a traditional Vietnam folk art.This art style has existed for 1000 years.
Dong Ho art have had a long historical value and affect on the spiritual life of Vietnamese so it has been listed in the “National Intangible Cultural Heritage”.
However, the modern society today has allowed Vietnamese people to have more opportunities to access various forms of art around the world, Dong Ho art becomes ignored and unfavored.
With the love for Vietnamese culture, art, and desire to preserve its traditional value, B/S Art Studio has combined their own characteristics of Dong Ho art with a modern art style known as Doodle Art, creating a new style of Đông Hồ art.
Every year, B/S Art Studio creates new works based on the year’s zodiac animal in the new Dong Ho style and applies them to many art products.

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The printing artwork "CAT - Good Fortune"
With cheerful colors and unique character designs, it will be a meaningful and unique gift for you to choose for your relatives and friends.
Unique decorative printing artwork. Vietnamese Cultural Gifts.

Material: High quality printing on Art Paper
Size without frame: 20cm x 20cm
Size with frame: 24cm x 24cm
Picture frame: industrial wood frame + mica

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 5 cm