Golden Buffalo and The Boy – The Magic Of The Moonlight

Once upon a time, there was a Little Pig living on the riverbank.

Every afternoon, he would roam along the peaceful riverbank.

One day, little Pig saw a baby wrapped in lotus leaf, abandoned by the river.

Little Pig has been living alone since he was young, and he has always wished to have someone to keep him company.

So he decided to raise this baby.

Little Pig carefully wrapped The baby in the lotus leaf and brought him back to his place.

After that he wondered if he was capable of raising The Boy.

He recalled the images of the shepherd boys playing with buffaloes.

Buffaloes were always a friendly companion and taught children about the world around them.

Suddenly, a thought crossed Little Pig’s mind “Should I give the child to Mr. Buffalo to raise him?”. However…
Little Pig didn’t like the heart to. He wondered again “How can I be a wise as Mr. Buffalo?”

Little Pig wandered in thought and walked towards the river.

The river water was clear and so clear and bright today!” he thought.

He approached closer to look and realized it was the reflection of the Moon on the water surface.


“Oh yeah, there is a way“, a bold idea flashed in his mind.

He gently picked up the bright Moonlight and placed it on his head which turning him into a lovely little buffalo.

He joyfully went to show his friends the Moon on his head.

From there, friends began calling him Golden Buffalo – Pig Moon

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