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Request a unique piece of art form B/S Art Studio of the subject of your choice, in the style and format of your choice.

Preserve memories, happy moments in your life.

Commission a drawing of the people you love or your beloved pets.

Design fantasy characters or create unique piece of art of your idol.

Offer an unforgettable and long-lasting gift.

Chibi Style

Request :

I wanted to gift a very special present to my dear mother because our dogs are getting old (one had passed away), and this would be the perfect present! . 4 dogs with a soft background […]

Review :

This is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal! I am so in LOVE with your work in general and this commission is beyond amazing!! After seeing the photo and watching the video, it honestly brought tears to my eyes because they really look like my dogs and I can feel them through your work.

Your work has so much love in it and I am so appreciative of that. Thank you so SO SO much!!!! I am forever grateful and so lucky to have found you! I cannot wait to receive the commission and to actually hold it in my hands.

- Kristy from New York, USA

Request :

My Family (Mother + 2 kids + 2 stuffed animal + Full Background). For the teddy bear color I would like brown. For the stuffed dragon I would like it to be a light green. Overall I would like the background to be black in color. I would like them all wearing pajamas. My wife’s pajamas would be purple and the boys pajamas could be black and red plaids stripes. The rest of the colors can be anything.

Review :

Thank you so much! It’s beautiful! I appreciate the details and the work you put into it. My wife absolutely loved it! The original is even better than the pictures. Thank you again for your work.

- Mr Gonzalo Vazquez from Iowa, USA

Request :

A Raccoon witch and a Red Panda witch in a scene together, both wearing witches hats. Background: Autumn forest scene.

Review :

I watched the video you linked and it was a great pleasure watching you work and seeing the meticulous attention to detail you put into the drawing You made an astounding piece of artwork that told a delightful story.

- Mr Alexander from Chicago, USA

Request :

He has blond dreadlocks and beard. The sclera of his eyes are black and has purple irises. Wings, horns, hair on his arms legs tail is brown The human body parts are well, skin colored Arms legs starting from elbow and knees are yellow Tail is iridescent white. When he s in dragon form his body is also iridescent white. i would like him to wear some fancy chinese style clothing, something long, detailed like you usually draw, those are so beautifull and i love the golden details you use x)) His name is Ran btw, he used to be a God who got banished at one point :”)

Review :

OMG I CANT FIND WORDS OF HOW BEAUTIFULL HE TURNED OUT, ALL THOSE DETAILS ON THE CLOTHES AND THE GOLD ACCENTS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ Also thank you so much for the video, i absolutely loved to see the process and i love how you titled it God of charming, hehe, he s quite charming indeed

- Ms.Anita Erdelyi from Scotland

HelloBaby Style (artist)

Request :

I would like to have a piece of art from you in the Hellobaby style with a full background for drawing myself.

Review :

It is absolutely stunning. You did an amazing job on This piece of art, the coloring is absolutely beautiful and I love all of the details.

- Isabella Santa Maria from New Jersey, USA

Request :

I am interested in commissioning a full color plus background artwork piece featuring Amy from soulcalibur.

Review :

Omg this is amazing! It is perfect.

- Ms. Maimai from the USA

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