Bam Bi / The Artist

Võ Hoàng Phương Uyên (Bam Bi)

Over 14 years of art creation and innovation

B/S Art Studio was created in 2018 by the artist Võ Hoàng Phương Uyên (Bam Bi).

She created the B/S Art Studio to share her contemporary view and spread knowledge of the culture and traditions of Vietnam.

Her Story

Bam Bi has accumulated 14 years of experience in creation and innovation at the Hand Embroidery Company XQ Vietnam. She has won the 1st place amongst 50,000 people in “The Deviant Art Logo Design competition 2011” and has accumulated over 95 000 watchers on the platform.

She can play several instruments and has performed in many art showcases throughout Vietnam and the World.



Her Inspiration

” I was inspired by my parents. As a child, I was told many stories and shown the mysterioius art of the Vietnamese people.  It brings forth my passion for sharing the spectacular artistic traditions of Vietnam to the world, something that has almost been forgotten ”