Bam Bi / The Artist

Võ Hoàng Phương Uyên (Bam Bi)

Over 20 years of art creation and innovation

B/S Art Studio was created in 2018 by the artist Võ Hoàng Phương Uyên (Bam Bi).

She hopes that through painting and music, she can share her insights and memories about the beauty of her homeland, including the national culture and traditional values ​​of Vietnam to everyone

Her Story

In 2015, during a business trip to New York, USA, I visited the “Eastern Art and Culture” exhibition. The exhibition showcased artifacts and artworks from Asia, with notable areas dedicated to the cultures of China, Japan, and Korea. However, the Vietnamese culture consisted only a few items such as wooden clogs, a sickle, and a couple of black and white photos labeled as “Vietnamese natives.”

New York is a major art center in the world, many people will come here to see it and they will have an incorrect perception of Vietnam.

I hope that one day, the Vietnamese culture will be prominently featured on the world cultural map.


Her Inspiration

I grew up in a family of conventional artists. My parents are embroidery artisans. From a young age, the lullabies from my grandmother and the folk tunes from my mother nurtured in me a poetic soul, a deep appreciation for art, and a love for my homeland.