B/S Art Studio

Creation with Vietnamese Cultural Identity

The Studio

The B/S Art Studio is a place where Vietnamese art and cultural traditions are combined with the contemporary to form artworks that breathes life and unity for the community.

Located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, the studio is open for visitors everyday from 9am to 8pm.

Experiences / Workshops

In addition to free tours, B/S Art Studio offers experiences and workshops to learn more about the Vietnamese culture, art and creation process.

These experiences are usually accompanied with live music performances and traditional refreshments.

Animal Short Stories

Golden Buffalo and The Boy

The Magic Of The Moonlight

The Mice and Three Magic Grains

Bam Bi / The artist

Creator and artist of B/S Art Studio, Võ Hoàng Phương Uyên (Bam Bi) has accumulated 14 years of experience in creation and innovation at the Hand Embroidery Company XQ Vietnam.

She created the B/S Art Studio to share her contemporary view and spread knowledge of the culture and traditions of Vietnam.

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Testimonies From Guests

Bi’s musical tea experience is the best hour you can spend in Saigon. We learnt more from her about the city, the country and Vietnamese culture than all the other tours we went on in Saigon. […] Do your self a favour and have tea with Bi as she charms and soothes your soul. Our recommendation “Do not miss it”.

- Giovanni via Airbnb

First of all, I must say WOW. This class was awesome and I highly recommend it. The instructor is very knowledgeable in her craft (Arts and Musically). If you cannot draw well don’t worry as she is an expert at it and will guide you step by step. Also, while you wait for your hat to dry from painting, she plays some exceptional musical pieces by ear for you to enjoy.

- Marlena via Aribnb